What is Day Work in Construction Contracts?

Dictionary meaning of Day work is ‘work done that is paid on a daily basis’. In construction contracts this term is applied under different contexts.

1. For variations in a lump sum contract, wherein work will be evaluated in accordance with the Day Work Schedule included in the Contract. Day work rates for material, labor, plant and contractor profits will be mentioned in the contract. In such cases the Contractor should consider supervision charges in his bid that will not be paid separately. Clause 13.6 of FIDIC Red Book can be referred to for claims wherein a day work schedule is included in the contract.

2. For variation purpose in an item rate contract; when item rates are not available within bill of quantities for extra items to be executed, method of day works can be adopted as an option.

How is day work measured in a lump sum contract?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph rates will be included in the contract for material, labor, plant and contractor profits. During execution of the works contractor should submit quotations for Engineer’s approval. Works can be executed after getting approval in writing from the Engineer. After completion of the works the contractor should submit to the Engineer along with IPC (interim payment certificate) all the invoices, vouchers and receipts of goods, equipments and plant involved in the work.

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