What is TOR Steel? What is the difference between TOR Steel and TMT Steel?

TOR is a brand name РToristeg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg. Their name (TOR) became synonymous with Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) steel bars due to popularity. TOR is also  used as a synonym for reinforcement bars in general.

TOR and TMT are both high strength reinforcement steel bars.

History : Round plain steel bars dominated the construction industry till seventies. Thereafter CTD (or TOR Steel) dominated the industry  till nineties. Nowadays TMT or hot treated bars are the most popular due to its advantages over CTD (TOR) such as high strength and corrosion resistance.

Some of the popular grades of high Strength steel bars (either hot or cold rolled) are listed in the following table.

American Standard (ASTM A 615) Euro Standard (DIN 488) British Standard (BS 4449: 1997) Indian Standard (IS: 1786)
Grade 75 (520) BST 500 S GR 460 A Grade Fe – 500
Grade 80 (550) BST 500 M GR 460 B Grade Fe – 550

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