How to filter data in Excel with heading and sub-headings?

Sometimes it is required to filter rows in excel, but we also want to see the title under which the data is provided in the table. For example, in the table below, we need to filter cities with deployment of less than 100 staff. Even though we can see the names of the cities, it is not possible to see which country or state the city belongs to. In this case, it is required to include the name of the country as well within the filter itself. This can be done in many ways. Let us see how to do this by using filter by color option.



First, filter rows with number of staff less than 100. For this, go to Column D and filter data.

After filtering, apply a color to the cells in the Column C.


Alternately, another column as following may be selected and color may be filled in case you don’t want to disturb the Column C which is having existing data. 


The titles, headings or sub-headings are usually restricted to the first column. Hence normally there will be blanks in the right side column. Use this to filter only blanks in the Column D.

After filtering again fill color to the cells in Column C.

Now when we remove filter, it will look like this.

Now filter the Column C with the filled color to see the desired result.



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