What are the differences between Primavera and MS Project?



The basic difference between Primavera and MS Project is that Primavera is a Database software whereas MS Project is a file based software.

Let us take the example of a spread sheet to illustrate the difference between a database software and a file based software. We will try to understand the concept of a database software through the followings questions.



What is the size of a simple spread sheet containing only data (not containing images or other media)?

Ans: Usually around 50 to 500 Kb for smaller file sizes.

Medium sizes - 500Kb to 10Mb

Larger sizes - More than 10 Mb


Is there a difference between opening up a small sized file and a large sized file?

Ans: Yes. When the file size is more, it opens up slowly. A spreadsheet of more than 10Mb size consumes a few  seconds to open up in most computers.


What is a database?

Ans: Database is a collection of data organized and stored  centrally and accessed simultaneously by multiple users. A database application can quickly retrieve required data and process it to produce desired information for the end user.


What are the advantages of a database software?

Ans: Quick updation of data

         Easy to make complex operations such as scheduling

         Data matching certain criterion can be retrieved easily.


What is the advantage of a database software in planning?

A database software can operate faster than a file based software when the quantum of data is more. For example, a huge construction infrastructure project with multiple resources and many thousand activities can operate multiple times faster in a database application.


What is the advantage of a file based software in planning?

A file based software is very flexible and easy to operate with so many features of a spread sheet. Creating a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and linking is very easy in a file based software.



Other differences between Primavera and MS Project


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