Excel Spreadsheet Applications and Tips

Time saving practices in Excel for beginners

Working in MS Excel is very easy and fun for anyone who is familiar with its features and functions. But for the others, it is a hard job. Knowing the applications and tips in Excel can have a cascading effect on the time saving at work. Likewise not knowing them means you are losing productivity in spite of valuable experience and knowledge in your field. Several people in the beginning used to have this experience using Excel that the same job that required an hour or two was able to be completed in a matter of minutes after implementing some new learned techniques. By learning new tips, it is possible to combine various applications which again help to reduce the time spending at work. Several people even do not care for implementing new learnt techniques in work.

Instead it should be made a practice that a new technique is learnt and implemented every day. Through this website we are offering some good practices and also a number of tips and tricks which can help improve your efficiency at work place.

Following are some good practices when using MS Excel
1. Do not unnecessarily merge cells to create space. Use drag function instead.
2. Try to reduce size of files so that working becomes easy.
3. To search within a file – So many people do not know that there is an option to search the work book instead of just the work sheet. Try to search within the workbook instead of going to each work sheet and searching.